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Arts Antique

Arts Antique is our selection of unique, artistic and historical items for sale. Each lot is sold directly by private individuals, antique dealers and experts in the sector. Unicart provides an online visibility service and ensures the correct conduct of online buying and selling by assisting both the seller and the buyer.

What is Arts Antique?

Arts Antique is our catalog of unique lots always online and available for a purchase proposal, an offer without obligation. You can search for the lot you like best, open the specific page where you will find more information and photos of the object. All the data you will find inside has been provided to us by the seller of the object and if you need it we can ask for more information and/or photos for you, all you have to do is write us an information request by email: info@unicartauctions.com

Type of objects for sale

In our online catalog you will find unique objects and works of art from the major European artistic currents. Created with quality and refined materials to give a valuable and unique style to the environments that welcome them. Below you will find the main categories:

  • Decorative Art
  • Paintings
  • Sculptures in marble, wood and metal
  • Antique and valuable furniture
  • Design
  • Ancient objects, since the seventeenth century

How does the Arts Antique take place?

In this catalog the lots have an estimate value determined by our experts. To make an offer is very simple! You just have to open the item page and fill in the “make a no-obligation offer” form. We will evaluate your offer and those of the other interested parties for the same object and whoever has made the best offer will win the lot. It is necessary to say that too low offers will not be taken into account.

By making an offer, do I undertake to purchase?

No, all offers are non-binding. This means that you do not oblige yourself to buy the item, you simply show your interest in that lot and from there you can start a negotiation with the seller. We at Unicart are close to both the seller and the buyer throughout the duration of the negotiation.

Is there a time limit?

There is no time limit! As long as the object is present in the catalog you can make offers. If you have made an offer but have not received any response it is probably too low, to raise your offer just make a new one!

How do I know the shipping costs?

To know the costs of packaging and shipping is very simple. Just ask us for it by email, we will contact our couriers specialized in valuables and we will notify you of the best quality/price ratio. It is difficult to determine exact costs in advance, which is why they are not indicated on the specific page of the lot, each country has its own import-export rules and we are ready to evaluate accurately on a case-by-case basis. Not only that, since Arts Antique Auction is a catalog of precious objects always online, these costs could vary over time.

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