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Pair of Porphyry Vases, France 19Th Century, H 80 Cm

Est. € 15.000 – € 25.000

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air of important porphyry vases. Ovoid poded body with gilt bronze frame and chiseled with leaf motifs and volutes. France, 19th Century. Dimensions: 80x60cm – Base: 32×32 cm Good condition – used with small signs of aging & blemishes. ADDITIONAL PHOTOS AND INFORMATION CAN BE REQUESTED BY EMAIL. Contact for information of shipping costs.

Paar wichtige Porphyrvasen. Paire d’importants vases en porphyre. Pareja de importantes jarrones de pórfido. Paar belangrijke vazen ​​van porfier.


15.000 – 25.000 €


XIX century


80×60 cm – Base: 32×32


Good condition – used with small signs of aging & blemishes

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