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How to take good photos

The online sale is mainly based on the information that the seller makes available to the buyer. A good, engaging, complete and truthful description is not enough to highlight your lot in fact the images you will upload to Unicart Auctions, when filling out the appropriate form, will be the same that will be used to give visibility to your lot on social networks, search engines and online auction portals of worldwide importance. So it’s critical to upload great images! Needless to say, grainy, unin focusing images depicting people, etc. are not good.

Below we list the main guidelines to follow.

The first image

Also called “thumbnail”, the first image of your lot plays a very important role because it is the one visible also in the catalog. The potential buyer will initially see only this, later, in case they decide to open the specific page of your lot will see the other images.

  1. It must have a white background
  2. Must have a resolution greater than 1000px per 1000px
  3. Hold all the work without cutting pieces of it

Some sample images:

The other 3 images

With the other images you need to provide more information: details, invoice, signature, acronyms, conditions, different perspectives and proportions. Photographing a sculpture against light can enhance the invoices of the stone, the back of an oil painting can show the condition of the canvas and frame, and much more. Here the rule is very simple, you have to ask yourself: “if I were to buy this work, what would I like to see?”

Some sample images:

Is the photographer necessary?

In general, we recommend the help of a professional who knows how to best express the value of a work through a simple image. If we think about it, this will benefit us: the more beautiful the online image, the more likely it is to be sold at a better price!

So Yes. We recommend hiring a professional at least to “cut out” the background of the image of your work and make it put a white one (work that generally also performs a graphic desinger). Especially if your work is valuable, we remind you that the better the photos, the higher the selling price.

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