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TEAM Legal Security

Payment security and legal certainty of purchases and sales are among our top priorities. To this end, Unicart Auctions employs the best studies of lawyers and accountants on the Italian and international scene. Below you can find some of the figures that assist us and our users constantly.

Administrative Department – Billing and Payments Management

  • Study Doctors Accountants Ilesa Computer Science 
    Via di Torre Rossa, 35, 00165 Rome, Italy
  • Foreign invoicing – Dr. Fabio Bartolini
  • Head of Accounting – Dr. Maurizio Cesari

Legal Department – Regulatory and Litigation

  • Tax
    Civil Law Firm
    Via Bassano del Grappa 4, 00195, Rome, Italy
  • Tax manager – Avv. Annamaria Montillo
  • Civil Manager – Avv. Angela Pomettini
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